Engineered Hardwood: All of the Benefits, None of the Burdens

Experience the quality of engineered hardwood flooring in Ashford & Manchester, CT

Want to provide extremely durable floors to your customers? Look no further than engineered hardwood flooring. This unique material is made of high-quality aluminum oxide, providing a tough base that's stronger than other materials.

New England Flooring Solutions specializes in hardwood floor installation and supply in Ashford & Manchester, CT. Connect with us now to choose the design and pattern of your engineered hardwood flooring. You won't be disappointed, and neither will your customers.

Avoid the pitfalls of solid hardwood flooring

Avoid the pitfalls of solid hardwood flooring

While hardwood floor installation in Ashford & Manchester, CT is a popular service, many customers become annoyed by the issues that hardwood flooring can create. Customers can count on engineered hardwood flooring to:

  • Stop excessive movement on the boards
  • Stop cupping at board connection points
  • Stop gapping between the floor boards

Reach out today to order engineered hardwood flooring for your next assignment.